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HDPE sheet purchase skills and application areas

2022-06-24 JOINTEFLON

HDPE sheets is made of high-density ethylene resin as raw material and is extruded or molded. It is an engineering plastic with superior properties. HDPE sheet has good abrasion resistance, impact resistance, good self-lubricity and non-stickiness, low water absorption, and non-toxic properties. It has been successfully applied in many fields. Let's take a look at the purchasing skills and application areas of HDPE sheet together.

  HDPE sheet purchase skills

  To buy high-quality HDPE sheet, first of all, look at the appearance. HDPE sheet, no matter which color of the sheet, as long as it is a good sheet, the color is uniform, the surface is smooth and not rough, and there will be no turbidity and color Block phenomenon.

  Secondly, when touching the surface, the HDPE sheet has a low coefficient of friction and is very smooth when touched by hand. If the surface is not smooth and has a clear friction, it indicates that the sheet is not processed from pure materials. In addition, the high-quality HDPE sheet has a low water absorption rate. If water is poured on the sheet, it will flow down the sheet, and there will be no water droplets on the sheet.

  When purchasing high-quality HDPE sheet, in addition to paying attention to the above aspects, you must also start from the source, pay attention to the strength of the manufacturer, the price of the product, etc. Do not buy low molecular weight, add recycled materials, or not HDPE at all in pursuit of low prices Inferior product of sheet.

HDPE sheet purchase skills and application areas

  Application fields of HDPE sheet

  Because HDPE sheet has many excellent properties, the application fields of HDPE sheet have covered many industries, widely used in papermaking, textile, ceramics, beverage light industry and metallurgy, power, coal mine and other industries. For example, it is used as a vacuum suction tank panel and wiper board in the paper industry; various crusts, gears, noodles, and dumplings in the textile industry; various types of rolling head filter plates and wheels in the ceramic industry; , Electric power, coal mining industry used as lining slabs, strips, etc. of coal silos and various silos.

  HDPE sheet can also produce a variety of wear-resistant mechanical parts, such as idlers, shaft sleeves, nozzles, stirring blades; cutting and matching tabletops in food processing plants, bakery countertops; medical joints, artificial limbs, etc.; construction machinery bulldozer Liners, dump truck carriages, etc.

  The above is the introduction of HDPE sheet purchasing skills and application fields. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the application fields of HDPE sheet.