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Common Uses Of ABS Plastic Sheet

2024-06-05 JOINTEFLON

At Piedmont Plastics, one of our more popular materials is our ABS plastic sheet. ABS, short for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, combines three components into an affordable and durable thermoplastic polymer that is commonly sold in sheet as well as rod and plate, depending on the application desired. ABS sheet has a tremendous number of applications in a variety of industries. With the ability to be molded into a specific shape and varied colors, combined with extreme durability, ABS plastic sheet works well in applications where strength and flexibility are both desired. Here are some of the industries where ABS plastic sheet is commonly used.

Marine Applications

ABS plastic sheet has low moisture absorption rates and is impact resistant, two qualities that make it ideal for use in marine applications. Piedmont is able to customize ABS sheet with our color matching technology, so you can easily form it to the specific application you have.

Automotive and Transportation Industry

ABS sheet is commonly molded into parts for automobiles, train cars, public transit vehicles and other transportation industry needs. Again, the durability and impact resistance are the features that make ABS ideal for these particular applications. This is the material of choice for automotive trim and enclosures in the transportation industry.

Displays and Point of Sale Fixtures

Point Of Sale fixtures made from cardboard are not durable enough to handle the wear and tear common in a storefront. Plastic ABS sheeting is a much more durable and practical solution for store displays and point of sale fixtures. These products are resistant to fading, flame or smoke damage, and water damage from spilled products. This makes ABS sheeting the material of choice for displays in retail markets.

The versatility and durability of ABS sheeting continue to make it the product of choice for manufacturers who are designing products that will take a beating or be exposed to the elements. With the help of Piedmont Plastics, you can get the exact color and size of ABS plastic sheeting for your unique needs, so your finished product will be exactly what it should be. Contact our team today to discuss your needs for ABS sheet.

Common Uses Of ABS Plastic Sheet

Common Uses Of ABS Plastic Sheet