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2024-06-19 JOINTEFLON

PTFE, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon, is a type of thermoplastic that combines excellent electrical, mechanical, chemical and thermal properties, which allows it to be used in the most varied applications.

PTFE film is a product that acts as an excellent electrical insulator, has a very low coefficient of friction, can come into contact with food thanks to its non-toxicity and resists temperatures ranging from -200 to 260ºC. Furthermore, a PTFE film is chemically inert, which makes it extremely resistant to virtually all chemical substances.

One of the main characteristics of a PTFE film is its non-adhesion, which is due to its composition. If PTFE needs to adhere to any material, it simply needs to undergo surface treatment.

A PTFE film is a product generally used to cover sliding guides in machines and equipment, so that their operation has greater precision and the parts suffer less from possible wear. Certainly, the use of a PTFE film is capable of offering several benefits to the customer, given its characteristics and differences in relation to other materials on the market.

There are several other applications in which a PTFE film can be used, such as pistons, connectors, filter plates, mechanical seals, retainers, pump bodies, tank linings, insulators, instrumentation equipment, medicine, airline and space industries, chemicals and others.